A Drive For Perfection

Whitehouse Builders was started by Robert Whitehouse in 2008. Robert has been building for decades. He understands what makes a build successful. His background included a highly successful manufacturing business in the UK. Robert is a perfectionist and his homes are a testament to that.

Hand-Picked Tradespeople

Whitehouse Builders employs 5 building teams of 2-3 people each. These units of dedicated tradesman maintain the reputation that has come to be associated with Whitehouse Builders builders for precision and excellence. 

A Dedicated Design Team

We have our own team of 5 Architectural Designers. Using best practice technology, our designs are modern and completed rapidly to expedite the design and build process.

How We Cut Costs, Without Compromising On Quality

In the early days of Whitehouse Builders, Robert approached the problem of rising construction costs by attacking it head-on. Robert comes from a building and manufacturing background in the UK, so he understands the power of cost management.

He visited each of the suppliers for the components in a typical build. He asked each a simple question: "How do I reduce cost from your supply while still keeping quality high?". The answers he received were exciting.

The Whitehouse Builders suppliers came up with simple and often very innovative ways to reduce costs in a modern designer home. Small margins of improvement across many different areas in a build ended up making significant improvements in cost and time required to build in Christchurch. Barriers of pricing were removed and our first affordable-economy show was a resounding success.