High Quality, Low Cost

At Whitehouse Builders, we pride ourselves on providing quality new homes at an affordable price point.

By pooling the collective knowledge of our suppliers, we have devised a construction process devoid of inefficiencies and we pass these savings directly on to you.


"Of course, there were hurdles to overcome; that is typical for a bespoke build. However, those hurdles were managed and overcome due to the excellent communication from the Whitehouse team." - Jen & Ryan

Our Method For Affordability

We visited all our suppliers personally and asked them how we could reduce the cost of materials, while still maintaining high standards of workmanship in our new homes.

Price Certainty

The process we devised from these answers allowed us to significantly reduce costs for our clients. Our revolutionary way of building new homes affordably, coupled with our in-house Quantity Surveyors allows us to give our clients price certainty in a market where cost blowouts are all too common.

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Affordability Through Communication

Because of our size, we have the purchasing power to keep building costs low. Although we are large, we still maintain a high level of service and communication throughout the course of each build. That's because we recognise that concise and ongoing communication is another factor in building an affordable home for our clients.

Do It Once, Do It Right

Our philosophy when it comes to precision workmanship is that it’s either right or it’s wrong. Following this simple rule means that your finished Whitehouse home will be delivered at the highest level of quality, and always at the right price.

In-House Designers

When you work with our in-house designers, you can be assured that you’re working with architects who are also builders. We know what it costs and will design an affordable home to your budget.

Want To Know More?

Our new Affordable show home is under construction and will be coming soon.

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